Spring 2024 nail colors

Embrace the latest trends in nail fashion with five enchanting shades that will leave nails looking effortlessly chic and on-point.

lilac tip nails

G1640: Misty Denim Dreams has the timeless allure of denim blue with a hint of subtle, enchanting grey for an easy-going, trendy look.

Salmon patch nail

G1641: Salmon Pink Delight adds a touch of warmth and sophistication. This delicate shade captures the essence of a soft spring sunset and adds a subtle pop of color to nails.

Mint green nail tip

G1642: Keep things fresh and invigorating with Mint Green Oasis. This shade embodies the rejuvenating essence of a lush garden on a sunny day. This minty green will elevate your style game.

turquoise nail tip

G1643: Turquoise Tranquility is an enchanting blend of blue and green. A versatile and vibrant choice, adding a pop of excitement to any look: from a day at the beach to a night out on the town.

Magenta nails

G1644: Magenta Elegance is a striking color that combines the richness of deep magenta with an air of timeless elegance. This shade effortlessly adapts from day to night, rendering it a versatile selection suitable for any occasion.

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