TPO free UV gels from CNC. Bring on the legislation!

Good news! CNC International leads the way as an innovator with TPO-free formulations. ALL UV gel products in the CNC catalog are free from TPO. TPO-free UV nail gels, do not contain harmful chemicals linked to skin irritation and hormone disruption, are safer for both nail stylists and customers.

TPO-free UV gel no chemicals

TPO and legislation

As of January 5, 2024, the European Commission (EU) has adopted Regulation (EU) 2024/197, altering the classification and labeling of certain substances. As a result, Diphenyl(2,4,6-trimethylbenzoyl)phosphine oxide (TPO) is reclassified as CMR (Reproductive Toxicity) 1B. This means that TPO can no longer be used in cosmetic products according to EU Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009. Cosmetic products containing TPO may no longer be sold on the EU market or made available from September 2025 onward.

CNC UV gels are TPO free, HEMA free, Dihema free & 15 free

CNC = TPO free, HEMA free, DiHema free, 15 free

Safe products, less risk to consumers and nail technicians and lowered risk to allergic skin reactions: ALL products in our catalogue are TPO free, HEMA free and 15 free. CNC’s gel polishes are also DiHEMA free!

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