CNC’s extended UV Gel lines

Explore our extended UV Gel Lines: 4 new colors Elementary gel, 2 new sparkle colors TXO gel & 4 new colors Fiber Gel. CNC’s latest developments, ready to order! 

Elementary UV gel

One-phase gel: adhesion, sculpting and shine! Self-leveling, flexible and non-yellowing. For natural nail overlays & extensions on nail forms. Available in 4 new colors

CNC Elementary UV gel


Builder-Gel with thick consistency that becomes smooth and light when applied on the nail. Easy to apply, self-leveling and does not run into nail cuticles. Available in 10 colors + 2 NEW sparkle colors!

Fiber gel – Bestseller range

Extra strong builder gel due to added fiberglass. Self-leveling, great adhesion, perfect for pinching! Suitable for repairing and reinforcing natural nails. Available in 3 viscosities and 16 colors. Now extended with 4 NEW colors!

CNC cross link UV gel

HEMA & TPO-free

CNC international is the leading private label UV gel manufacturer from Europe. All our private label UV gel nail products in our catalogue are HEMA & TPO-free. The best quality at competitive prices. Compile your SAFE product range now!