CNC @ Cosmoprof Bologna, 2024

To all those who stopped by Cosmoprof: thank you for your interest! We were excited to have met you, hear your ideas, and feel the positive vibes of entrepreneurs seeking the latest innovations in the nail sector.

Watch our video of CNC International @ Cosmoprof 2024

What’s new in CNC?

Our latest developments and new products have been showed during Cosmoprof

  • Brush-On Fiber Gel: Fiberglass-enriched builder gel applied directly from a bottle! Hard but flexible: perfect base layer for weak nails. Available in 6 colors.
  • Brush-On Builder Gel with color: Buildergel in a bottle. Easy and fast application, directly from a bottle! Great for overlays and short to medium extensions. 7 basic colors, now extended with 4 new solid colors
  • Elementary Gel: One-phase gel: adhesion, sculpting and shine! Self-leveling, flexible and non-yellowing. For natural nail overlays & extensions on nail forms. Available in 4 NEW colors
  • TXO Gel: Builder gel with thick consistency that becomes smooth and light when applied on the nail. Easy to apply, self-leveling and does not run into nail cuticles. Available in 10 colors + 2 NEW sparkle colors!
  • Fiber Gels – Bestseller range: Extra strong builder gel due to added fiberglass. Self-leveling, great adhesion, perfect for pinching! Suitable for repairing and reinforcing natural nails. Available in 3 viscosities and 16 colors. Now extended with 4 NEW colors!

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