Cross Link Gel

This gel is self-leveling, therefore not requiring extensive filing after curing. The special formula provides perfect adhesion, and the high plasticity guarantees durability and prevents from lifting and fractures.

Available in

  • Clear (G0223)
  • Pink (G0226)
  • White (G0228) – builder gel of a natural white color.
  • Extreme White (G0229) – extremely white and highly pigmented gel developed especially for thin application.
  • Extra White (G0230) – builder gel of a bright white color.
  • Nude (G0257) – cover gel of a beige color, perfect for warmer skin types.
  • Pastel Pink (G0258) – cover gel of a baby pink color, perfect for baby boom technique. • Milky (G0240) – builder gel with natural milky white color, perfect to sculp baby boom nails.


  • Special formula with fiberglass
  • Strength of acrylics
  • Benefits of gel
  • Self-leveling
  • Special non-yellowing formulation
  • For adhesion, base layer is necessary underneath
  • op gel can be used, but is not necessary as the gel can be polished to shine
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G0262 Cross Link Gel Blush Rose