Our Brush-On-Builder gel

CNC’s Brush-On-Builder gel – or BOB-  is a builder gel in a bottle, applied as gel polish. It is used as an overlay on natural nails or to create short extensions. The versatile builder works like a gel but it dries strong under UV or LED, durable and flexible which makes it the perfect product for all types of nails, even brittle or weak nails.

  • For overlays and short to medium extensions
  • Self-leveling
  • Durable & flexible
  • HEMA-free
  • Easy and fast application directly from a bottle!
  • Available in Clear and 6 beautiful colors

The bottled builder gel is an alternative to hard gel extensions or acrylic extensions. The product can be used for creating new nail sets as well as infills.

Adding multiple layers to the nail will increase strength. Weak nails can have up to 3 coats. There are 7 natural shades of choice for the perfect natural manicure. Of course, the Brush-On-Builder can be covered with a gel polish color too.

  • BOB is a great option for those who prefer a harder product compared to our flexible Rubber Bases


CNC’s Brush-On-Builder Gel is a type of product that can also be referred to as BIAB or Builder in a Bottle. However, BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) is a registrated brand name. CNC’s Brush-On-Builder or BOB is used in a similar way, and moreover, it is HEMA-free!