For more than 20 years, CNC International develops and produces a wide range of UV gels, acrylics and gel polish for numerous nail brands worldwide, varying from international renowned brands to local nail brands.

CNC International has one of the largest assortments available. All products can be delivered in bulk packaging or finished products.

UV Gels

UV gel manufacturing is the core business for CNC International. We offer a wide range UV gels in our standard collection. Our assortment consists of traditional, soak off and pigmented gels for nail art needs. In addition we also offer thousands of colors in selected gels.

Acrylic system

Our acrylic powders contain high quality raw materials and are designed for all performance levels. Liquids to be used in combination with the acrylic powder are formulated to create superior nail products. Our collection consists of high quality acrylic powders, colored powders and high pigmented powders for nail art.

Gel Polish

Gel polish combines the strength of gel and easy brush application of nail polish. Gel polish can be applied on both natural and artificial nails. It will lasts up to two weeks and is easy to remove. Available in many colors.